Police Community Services Command

The South Brunswick Police Department’s Community Services Command provides services to the community designed to prevent or reduce crime, build community partnerships and collaboration, improve personal safety and security, and to enhance traffic safety within the township. The Community Services Command includes the Community Policing Division and the Traffic Safety Division, and is under the command of Captain Gene Rickle.

Community Policing Division

The Community Policing Division coordinates the community policing function for the Township, forming bonds within the community and working collaboratively with community members to identify and solve problems. The Community Policing Division proactively and coactively addresses the needs and concerns of the South Brunswick community regarding preventing crime, addressing quality of life issues, coordinating community outreach, and facilitating programs run by the police department that bring the police and the community members together. 

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Traffic Division

The members of the South Brunswick Township Police Department Traffic Division are committed to enhancing traffic safety on all township roads. The goal of promoting safe and expeditious vehicular travel is accomplished through a three prong approach of engineering, education and enforcement.

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Public Information Officer


The Public Information Officer (PIO) is tasked with sharing information that may be of interest to the general public regarding policy, procedures, or events involving the police department, or other newsworthy information, as long as the information:



-Is not legally protected from being released


-Does not unduly interfere with the mission of the Department


-Does not infringe upon the rights of a defendant


-Does not compromise the safety or privacy interests of officers, victims, witnesses, or others



The PIO routinely shares information with our community through the use of multiple social media platforms, on our web page, via our NIXLE notification system, and by providing information directly to media representatives.


The Public Information Officer also disseminates appropriate factual information to members of the press as promptly as circumstances allow, without partiality, and in as objective a manner as possible.

Office of Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is a resource group that supports the emergency services in South Brunswick Township. In the case of a large scale emergency, OEM may be the local lead agency to protect the citizens and property of South Brunswick Township. The local OEM coordinates the efforts of emergency response personnel and is supported by the County and State OEM.


Responsibilities of the South Brunswick Township Office of Emergency Management include:

  • Maintain liaison with County and State OEM and provide appropriate documentation
  • Coordinate appropriate training for OEM and police department staff
  • Maintain the Emergency Management Council Ledger
  • Maintain the Emergency Operations Basic Plan and Annexes
  • Maintain liaison with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

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