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To best guide you to send a message to the most appropriate Township Department/Division or outside agency, please scan the list of topics below.  Click on the GREEN  icon next to the topic to send that department/division/agency message, or click on the topic itself to browse relevant information.   If you wish to call during business hours, use the phone number 732-329-4000 followed by the extension number shown (or use the direct line info if provided).

Accident Reports (Police x7418)

Affordable Housing (Affordable Housing x7420)

Animal Control (Public Works x7265)

Birth Certificates (Health/Registrar x7237)

Certificate of Compliance (Planning x7240)

Certificate of Occupancy (Building x7213)

Code Enforcement (Building x7213)

Criminal Complaints-Existing (Municipal Court direct line: 732-823-3963)

Criminal Complaints-New complaint (Police direct line: 732-329-4646)

Death Certificates (Health/Registrar x7237)

Discovery (Police x7418)

Dog / Cat Licenses (Municipal Clerk) x7356

Engineering (Planning x7240)

Escrow (Finance x7322)

Farmland Assessment (Tax Assessor x7242)

Fire Inspections (Building x7214)

Food Bank (Social Services x7672)

Garbage / Recycling (Public Works x7274)

Gun Permits (Police x7496)

Homestead Rebates (Finance x7307)

Landlord Registration (Municipal Clerk x7356)

Library (x7280)

Liquor Licenses (Municipal Clerk x7356)

LOSAP (Finance x7307)

Marriage Licenses (Health/Registrar x7237)

Meeting Room Requests (Administration x7301)

Noise Complaints (Police direct line: 732-329-4646)

Ordinances (Municipal Clerk x7356)

Park Maintenance (Public Works x7266)

Park Permits (Parks & Recreation x7671)

Parks & Playgrounds (Parks & Recreation x7671)

Passports (Municipal Clerk x7356)

Police Administration Reports (Police direct line: 732-329-4646)

Pool Inspections (Health x7237)

Property Information (Tax Assessor x7242)

Property Maintenance (Health/Registrar x7237)

Public Health Nuisance (Health/Registrar x7237)

Public Relations (Administration x7275)

Recreation Programs Registration & Info (Parks & Recreation x7671)

Rental Inspections (Planning x7240)

Roadway Improvements (Public Works x7267)

School Information (Board of Education direct line: 732-297-7800)

Senior Citizen Services (Office on Aging x7670)

Snow Removal (Public Works x7267)

Special Assessments (Tax Assessor x7242)

Stormwater (Public Works z7267)

Street and Street Light Repair (Public Works x7267)

Tax Appeals (Tax Assessor x7242)

Tax Bills (Finance x7854)

Tax Exemptions (Tax Assessor x7242)

Tax Map (Planning x7240)

Tax Sale / Search (Finance x7307)

Taxi Licenses (Municipal Clerk x7352)

Township Manager (Administration x7300)

Traffic Tickets (Municipal Court direct line: 732-823-3963)

Tree Removal On Township Property (Public Works x7267)

Voter Registration (Municipal Clerk x7313)

Water & Sewer Complaints (Utilities x7270)

Water- Emergency (Utilities x7270)

Zoning Board (Planning x7240)

All topics not shown above

Township Manager

Bryan Bidlack
732-329-4000 x7300

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