Parks and Facilities

South Brunswick Parks and Facilities

All Parks, Playgrounds and Basketball Courts are now open. All South Brunswick Township municipal tennis courts are open for play on a first come first serve basis. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Within our boundaries of approximately 42 square miles are 23 developed parks and 8 tracts with over 1168 open space areas. Additional areas are operated by Middlesex County and the State of New Jersey.  


“Free Play” which children experience through playing on playgrounds is a critical factor their growth and development. Children develop cognitive reasoning skills as they use the playground while climbing, balancing and sliding. They develop social skills and learn to resolve conflicts through interactions with other children.


Keeping children active in this time of concern over childhood obesity is so important! They will think they are just having fun! Come and play in our parks today!

Also there are twelve school locations under the administration of the South Brunswick School district, where many athletic games, activities and events are scheduled in the Township throughout the year.


Permits are required for all picnic pavilions and for any group of 20 or more. The picnic area and pavilion at Woodlot Park is reserved in summer months for Recreation Summer Camp programs, weekdays, July 1 – August 116, 2019.


Permits are also required for use of athletic fields. For information, please contact the office at 732-329-4000,  x7671 or x7679.


Currently there are 22 developed or partially developed Parks and Trails systems.

1. Bedford
2. Beechwoods
3. College
4. Dayton Square
5. Dobin
6. Friendship
7. Environmental Center
8. Harvest Woods
9. Haven Ponds
10. Heathcote
11. Ireland Brook
12. Kingsley
13. Reichler
14. Rocky Top Dog Park
15. Rowland
16. Scenic
17. Sondek
18. Summerfield
19. Tall Timbers
20. Titus Farm
21. Veterans
22. Wetherill
23. Woodlot
24-25-26. Freedom Trail System

The following parcels of undeveloped Open Space are owned or partially owned by South Brunswick Township.


1. Aldrich Park open space
2. Junction Springs open space
3. Oak Tree Green
4. Princeton Gate Preserve
5. Kendall Woods
6. Mapleton Preserve * (Partially owned by SBT & State)
7. Kendall Woods * (Partially owned by SBT & County)
8. Boyko Open Space * (Partially owned by SB & County) (don’t count twice)
9. Weisenfeld Tract
10. YMCA Tract
11. Haypress & Friendship tract

Total Open space, trails and parks: 37


These are owned by South Brunswick Township, maintained by the Department of Public Works and operated and scheduled by the Department of Parks and Recreation.


There are 12 Schools with athletic fields in the Township. owned, operated, scheduled and maintained by the South Brunswick Board of Education.

The following 4 Parks / Open Space areas in South Brunswick are NOT  owned/operated by the Township:
  •  D& R Canal State Park (State of NJ)
  •  Cook Natural Area (State of NJ)
  • Davidsons Mill County Park (Middlesex County)
  • Pigeon Swamp State Park (State of NJ)

Dept. of Parks & Recreation

Amanda Applegate
124 New Road
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
732-329-4000 x7671

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