Field & Inclement Weather Information

For closings due to inclement weather:
Please call our Inclement Weather Tape at
732-329-4000, ext. 7686

Monday-Friday after 4:00PM

Saturday & Sunday after 7:00AM.

Please do not call the Recreation office for field conditions, unless the tape is not on.


To help conserve energy, the last coach leaving the athletic field is responsible for phoning in to have the field lights shut off.

Each coach will be given a card with the toll free number and lights-off code and password.
Thank you for your assistance in reducing our carbon footprint!

Permits are required for the use of all fields for scheduled activities, including practices.

For information on obtaining a permit, call the office at 732-329-4000, ext. 7671.  Weekdays 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

 For all natural grass fields:

  • If a field has been lined, please do not use it ; it has been readied for a scheduled game.
  • Please do not use fields that are wet as it damages the field for future use.
  • Dogs and other animals are not permitted to run loose on fields.

For the Artificial Turf Field at Harvest Woods Park and the Artificial Turf fields at Rowland Park: Please follow the following rules and regulations to assure that this field will last for many years:  

Not permitted on artificial turf fields: 

  • No food or drinks except water.
  • No chewing gum, candy or sunflower seeds.
  • No metal cleats; only rubber or plastic cleats allowed.
  • No glass bottles or containers.
  • No Dogs or other animals permitted on athletic fields.
  • No Golfing.
  • No Skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, motorized vehicles.
  • No open flames, fireworks, lit or hot matches.
  • No throwing of javelin, discus, or shot put.
  • No stakes, posts, poles or markers of any kind may be driven into the field.
  • No smoking on field or in any areas of the park as per Township Ordinance.
  • No Alcoholic beverages in park.
  • Pedestrian entrance is thru the main gate only.
  • Collapsible chairs on turf areas adjacent to fields to view games only at Harvest Woods (they are not  permitted at Rowland Park.)
  • Fields subject to all park ordinances.

Vehicle Parking at all parks and fields:

Parking is allowed in designated areas in all of the parks only. No parking on any pathways/roadways. Non-compliance may result in fines in excess of $80.00.

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