Animal Control

Animal Control Division

Contact: Jermaine Epps, Animal Control Officer

732-329-4000 x7265

This Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for animal welfare.

The basic functions of Animal Control are as follows:

  • Pick up stray animals and return to owners if found
  • Pick up expired roadway animals
  • Advice to residents on animal problems (i.e. bees)
  • Coordinate with Health Department in Trenton concerning rabid animals
  • Run rabies clinics twice per year
  • Assists with West Nile Virus Program
The Animal Control Officer will not handle wildlife, pest or nuisance problems. These types of problems can be solved by a local exterminator or wildlife removal operator. Animal Control will only respond to sick or injured wildlife that is posing a public health or rabies threat. If the wildlife is seen on your property you can monitor their progress. If the wildlife is just passing through or is located under your shed or porch without showing signs of injury, illness or aggression then there is no need to call Animal Control.
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