Shade Tree

Shade Tree Commission

Contact: James Asprocolas

732-329-4000 x7278

The Shade Tree Commission is made up of 6 volunteers appointed by the Township Council. These dedicated and experienced individuals meet bimonthly and utilize the services of the Public Works Department.
The basic functions of the Shade Tree Commission are as follows:
  • To maintain the overall health of Township owned trees
  • Review all development applications to ensure compliance with tree ordinances
  • Inspect new commercial and residential developments to ensure that trees are planted in compliance with township ordinance.
  • Apply for Tree City USA status and growth awards
  • Inspect damaged and/or sick trees and make recommendations
  • Maintain a listing of all trees which are recommended for planting in South Brunswick
  • Offer advice to residents with tree problems

For additional information contact Jeff Cramer, Township Arborist


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