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Many of the Police Department web pages on our site have Forms and Applications relevant to the topic of the web page.

Completing a PDF Fill-in Form

The fill-in feature does NOT allow you to save your completed form to your PC’s hard drive or disk. If you click on the “BACK” button of your browser or exit the Acrobat Reader, then try to get back to the form you completed, your data will be lost and you will have to start over. Therefore, you should plan to complete a form in one sitting, and you should print at least one copy of the completed form before you leave the page.

How to Fill in the Form


  • Click on the link to open the PDF document.
  • The pre-selected hand symbol allows you to click inside the first field. The cursor begins to blink.
  • Type your answer.
  • Press the [Tab] key to move to the next field, [Tab + Shift] allows you to move to the previous field.
  • To check the checkboxes, hit the [Enter] key or simply click the box.
  • To clear the form and start over, click the “Reset Form” button

How to Print the Completed Form

Click the “Print Form” button at the bottom of the screen, or click the printer icon or go to File pull-down menu and select Print. Alternatively, you can select [Ctrl+P] for a PC or [Cmd+P] for a Macintosh. The answers you entered on the form will be printed. You can then mail or fax this hardcopy to the appropriate location.

PDF Fillable Forms

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