Communications Center

The South Brunswick Township Police Communications Center is a fully operational 24hr/7days a week center. 9-1-1/Emergency Medical Dispatch certified Telecommunicators handle all emergency and non-emergency calls.
The Communications Center has a minimum mandate of two certified Public Safety Telecommunicators (PST) working during all shifts. Requirements for dispatch certification are Basic Telecommunication 40 hr. class, Emergency Medical Dispatch 32 hr. class and CPR/AED training.

The Communication Center is responsible for all radio communications. They operate and monitor approximately fifty radio channels serving over 800 radios; this does not include mutual aid channels such as SPEN and the Middlesex County Hotline.

We dispatch for three fire departments; Monmouth Junction, Kingston, and Kendall Park. All emergency and other related services are dispatched through our Communications Center. This includes paramedics, aeromedical helicopter and three first aid squads; Monmouth Junction, Kingston and Kendall Park.

The PSTs are responsible for six 9-1-1 phone lines, five non-emergency phone lines and four internal phone lines. They handle, on an average, 1,000 9-1-1 calls a month. In 2015 they generated over 76,000 cases; handling 4,233 first aid calls and 1,043 fire calls.

Some of the computers systems utilized in the Communication Center are ENFORSYS; Computer Aided Dispatch, NJCJIS (New Jersey Criminal Justice Information System), ATS (Automated Traffic System) and ACS (Automated Complaint System) and MDC (Mobile Data Computers).

The PSTs monitor the TRAK Missing Child Alert System and are also responsible for the auto dialer, which sends recorded messages to registered residents, keeping them informed of events and announcements that may affect them.

Each PST is able to access New Jersey DMV files, Administrative Office of the Courts files (ATS&ACS) and the internet from their workstation. They track and document every call and the responding units on an in-house computer system. The PSTs also monitor approximately twenty security cameras and panic alarms located in both the police department and the municipal building.

The Communications Center is also involved with Community Unity Day and National Night Out. We provide information and instructional materials at these events to educate our residents about the use of 9-1-1, benefits of the auto dialer and proper registrations of their alarm systems.
The Communication Center continues to move forward in training and technology in an effort to provide the best service and protection for the officers and the public.

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