Zoning Board

The Zoning Board of Adjustment has many functions regarding development within the Township of South Brunswick. The Board consists of seven regular members and four alternate members. The Board hears and reviews applications for development for uses that are not permitted within a particular zoning district within the Township (a use variance), as well as minor applications that do not meet bulk standards such as setback or height. A super majority of five out of seven affirmative votes are required for a use variance to approved, and a simple majority of four out of seven votes are required bulk variances to be approved.
The Board reviews conditional uses only when a standard required by a specifically permitted conditional use in a zoning district cannot be met or is not proposed to be met by a developer or applicant. A super majority is required for conditional uses to be approved. The Board listens to applications for bulk variances when the applicant does not meet the required setback standards for a application. Bulk variances include additions to a residential or commercial structure to and other amenities such as utility/garden sheds and pole barns, decks, in-ground and above-ground swimming pools, and signs. If an application for development extends over the setback line, or is higher than permitted, a variance is required. In addition, the Board hears appeals regarding administrative decisions related to Planning and Zoning.
The Zoning Board of Adjustment usually meets twice a month on the first and third Thursdays of each month with additional meetings as scheduled.
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