Environmental Commission

The Environmental Commission is established for the protection, development or use of natural resources, including water resources, located within the Township. The Commission studies, reviews and makes recommendations to South Brunswick Township’s Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment on proposed land development within the Township.
Recommendations are confined to the environmental impact on the quality of life, air and water quality, noise control, radiation hazard, pesticide and hebicide management, protection of natural resources and energy resources. In addition, the Environmental commission researches the possible use of open land areas within the Township, and makes recommendations concerning environmental issues including but not limited to, open space preservation,water resources management, air pollution control, solid waste management, noise control, soil and landscape protection, environmental appearance, marine resources and protection of flora and fauna. The Commission completed an Environmental Resource Inventory in 2007. Click on ERI 2007 Part 1 for the full text. Click on ERI 2007 Part 2 for Maps.
The Commission usually meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 7:30 P.M.
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