Patrol Division FAQ's

Yes. Call our dispatchers at 732-329-4646 at any time and supply them with useful information regarding your residence such as:

When will you be leaving?
When are you returning?
Are there any vehicles in your driveway?
Are there any lights on timers?
Will there be any visitors to maintain pets or retrieve mail?

Also provide information on who we may contact in the event of an emergency.
Your address and the information that you have supplied will be announced to all patrol Officers at the beginning of each tour of duty. Patrol officers will conduct periodic checks of your residence.

DO NOT HESITATE… Call the police immediately. A minimum of two officers will respond to the scene or situation and assess it. The officers will check out the person and his/her activities. If you see someone breaking into a house or car, DO NOT CONFRONT THEM! If possible, maintain a visual contact on the person(s) and remain on the phone with the dispatcher. Get a description and write it down, including a physical description of the person, license plate, vehicle description, and description of travel.

Yes. Please provide our dispatchers with the location of the vehicle, the direction of travel, a description of the vehicle and possibly a license plate number. By calling 9-1-1 or 732-329-4646 our dispatchers will advise the patrol units of your situation.

No, absolutely not. The officer stopping you has no idea who he/she is about to confront. The officer wishes to contain the situation in a safe and manageable environment. Occupants wandering about the roadway are unsafe. The officer not only has to be concerned with the person outside the vehicle, but also the person(s) who may be inside the vehicle. Officers on our department have been struck by passing vehicles on several occasions. So please, for you own safety as well as the officer, remain in the vehicle.
Yes. The New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that the police can randomly determine from the license plate whether the car is registered, or stolen and whether the registered owner is licensed.
Call the police. The dispatcher will notify the proper authority. Do not touch any downed wires or objects in contact with downed wires. ASSUME THAT ALL WIRES ARE ENERGIZED WITH ELECTRICITY. Remember that water and metals are good conductors of electricity. Don’t touch anything hanging from an electrical wire. Even a kite string or tree limb can carry a deadly current. Don’t touch a person in contact with a fallen wire or attempt to remove the wire. High voltage can kill instantly.
Victims of aggravated assault, arson, carjacking, child abuse,domestic violence, kidnapping, robbery, sexual offenses, stalking and other serious crimes have the right to be informed immediately of the defendant’s arrest or release from pre-trial custody. You will be notified by either telephone, police notification (in person) or via mail.
If you have just been victimized, call the police. The police officer handling the case will assist you in obtaining the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). You may also elect to go to the Middlesex County Courthouse in New Brunswick and apply for the TRO yourself which may protect you from more abuse by your attacker. You also have the right to file a criminal complaint against your attacker.

For emergency shelter, counseling or referrals, call the domestic violence shelter at Women Aware 732-249-4504. You can also contact the Statewide Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-572-SAFE. Services are available to victims 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Volunteer advocates work in conjunction with police officers to provide support, information, referrals, and a safety plan to victims at their time of crisis. The advocates, who are civilian members of the community, also discuss with the victim their legal rights in regards to obtaining a temporary restraining order (TRO). All information will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law.

Call the Middlesex County Adult Protective Service Program at 732-745-3635 or (800)792-8820. All calls can be confidential or anonymous. For information on services available to older adults, call the area Agency on Aging in Middlesex at 732-745-3295 or 800-792-8820.

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