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The law does not provide a minimum age for a person to be a baby-sitter. Common sense and awareness of your baby-sitter are important. Ask for references or neighbor recommendations. Invite the new baby-sitter to your home and watch the interaction between the child and the sitter while you are there. You will then be in a better position to determine if the baby-sitter meets your standards.
Yes. A detective can meet with you and your child to identify problems and make recommendations on appropriate measures to resolve them. We have access to a number of agencies and resources that are designed to assist you.
Only the parent or guardian can sign a criminal complaint for a juvenile victim. It may also be signed by an emancipated juvenile.
The detective will forward the complaint to the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office for screening. The prosecutor may handle the complaint with a formal trial before a Family Court judge or may forward the complaint to another agency for an alternative disposition. The alternatives include plea bargains, deferred disposition, or Juvenile Conference Committee action. The Detective Bureau will be able to advise you of the status of the case. One thing you should keep in mind is that the system takes time to work.
No, the parent or guardian is responsible for the child to attend school. The Detective Bureau usually works with the school officials to persuade the child to attend. If that fails, the Detective Bureau may arrange an appointment with a Family Court judge to order the child to attend school or face court imposed penalties.
The most forthright approach is to ask him or her if they are using drugs or drinking. If the child denies involvement and you think that may not be the truth, you can request the Detective Bureau to have a discussion with your child about your concerns. Furthermore, the Detective Bureau has resources and counseling agencies available that will assist the family in handling the problem.
It really depends on the type of problem. A detective will discuss the problem with you and if the detective feels it is appropriate, he will speak to your child or assist you in finding the right agency that can help you.

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