Investigations Division FAQ'S

Have you been the victim of a scam or fraud call, letter, or email? If so, please contact our non-emergency line at 732-329-4646 to file a police report.
Any resident who has been issued fingerprint cards from an employer or agency can come to the police department Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm to be fingerprinted. There is a $10 fee for this service. All other residents requiring fingerprinting that do not have hard copy fingerprint cards should go to Identigo at

A Firearms I.D. Card is used for purchasing rifles and shotguns. There is no limit to how many of each can be owned. The card is valid for as long as its owner lives in the same location. Should there be a change of residence, the owner should file a change of address form with the new municipality. A Permit to Purchase allows the purchase of one handgun and expires 180 days after it is issued.

Visit the Police Forms section of our web site and click on FID Card & Permit to Purchase Handgun Application or Permit to Carry Handgun Application and Instructions for instructions on how to apply online.

Fingerprinting is necessary for first time applicants.

You must make an appointment with, and be fingerprinted by, IdentoGo, a private fingerprinting firm. The IdentoGo form is provided online through the Firearms Online Applications System.

Yes. You may supply information to the South Brunswick Police Department at any time without stating your identity. An anonymous tip line is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our TIPS hotline number is: 1-732-329-4000 x7TIP (7847)

Yes, if you do not receive a telephone call from a detective within 5 working days, you can call the Detective Bureau at 732-329-4000 x7496 to check on the status of your case.

Immediately dial “*57”. Keep an accurate log of all calls including dates and times. After successfully tracing 5 calls, notify the police department. You must have at least 5 successful traces. Any calls that are threatening in content should be reported to the police immediately.
A police report is an official record of the crime or incident. It’s filed by the victim of a crime who wants to have this incident on file and or to request a follow-up investigation. A criminal complaint is the legal process of signing a criminal charge against a particular person or persons in a court of law.
Yes, a victim may make a police report for this purpose, but should so advise the responding officer so that the case will not be assigned for further review.
Adults 18 years and older are free to come and go as they please, and normally can not be reported missing unless the situation meets certain criteria. A missing person record may be entered using one of the following categories:

Disability-A person of any age who is missing and under proven physical/mental disability or is senile, thereby subjecting himself/herself or others to personal and immediate danger.

Endangered-A person of any age who is missing under circumstances indicating that his/her physical safety may be in danger.

Involuntary-A person of any age who is missing under circumstances indicating that the disappearance may not have been voluntary, i.e., abduction or kidnapping.

Catastrophe Victim-A person of any age who is missing after a catastrophe.

Emancipated Person (Adult)-A record for a missing person who is declared emancipated as defined by the laws of his/her state of residence may be entered in the Missing Person File provided the entering agency has signed documentation in its possession supporting the stated conditions under which the person is declared missing. The documentation must be from a source other than the investigating police agency, such as a parent, legal guardian, next of kin, physician, or other authoritative source including friend or neighbor in unusual circumstances.

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