Patrol Division

Police Operations Command

Patrol Division

Patrol Division’s primary mission is protecting the welfare and safety of the approximately 45,000 people who reside within the township’s 42 square miles. Officers respond to approximately 80,000 calls for service a year ranging from first-aid to violent offender apprehension. They are responsible for traffic enforcement, motor vehicle crash investigations, initial criminal investigations, and a pro-active response to a multitude of calls for service that impact South Brunswick residents’ quality of life. Patrol Division is made up of Platoons A and B, and is currently staffed by 45 patrol officers, 12 sergeants, and 6 lieutenants.

The superior officers assigned to the Patrol Division are responsible for the direction, leadership and resource assignment of their officers to meet the township’s demands for public safety assistance. They are tasked with analyzing current incident trends for pattern crimes, traffic enforcement, and quality of life issues, and for developing directed patrol strategies to address these concerns. This analytical approach provides a more efficient response to the township’s public safety needs than a random patrol strategy.

Captain Ron Seaman 732-329-4000 x7460

“A” Platoon

Lt. Dennis Yuhasz  x7488 

Lt. Robert Jairdullo  x7455

Lt. Richard Hutchinson  x7441

    • Sgt. George Morgan x4407
    • Sgt. Ken Herman x4419
    • Sgt. Jesse Blake x4438
    • Sgt. Michael Leung x4402
    • Sgt. Sal Fama x4461
    • Sgt. Raymond McCarthy x4456

 “B” Platoon

Lt. Michael Pellino x7489

Lt. Michael Kuchma x7411

Lt. Nathan LaBuda x7438

    • Sgt. Peter Santa x4405
    • Sgt. Michael Urstudt x4408
    • Sgt. Sean Roberts x4444
    • Sgt. Jarrid Harpster x4427
    • Sgt. Richard Schwarz x4413
    • Sgt. Matthew Skolsy x4448

Public Safety Division

The Public Safety Division was formed to address a management void in the Township’s emergency medical services. The Division works in cooperation with EMS to provide support and oversight for the EMS function within the Township.


The Public Safety Division also manages the Communications Bureau, tasked with providing emergency communications between the Township’s police, EMS, and fire departments.


In addition, the Public Safety Division oversees the Transportation Bureau, which provides transportation to certain members of our population with no alternative means of transportation. This includes transporting disabled adults to their places of work or to medical appointments, and transporting senior citizens to various locations such as the South Brunswick Township Senior Center, food shopping, local banks, and post offices, as well as to their medical appointments.


The Public Safety Division is commanded by Lieutenant John Penney, who can be reached at
732-329-4000 x7473.

Police Dept.

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540 Ridge Road
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852

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