Animal Control FAQ'S

South Brunswick has a rich diversity of wildlife living within our borders. These animals are generally no threat to humans; however they are wild animals and as such should be considered unpredictable and treated with respect. We will respond to calls involving sick or injured wildlife creating a definite public health threat. We do not, however, trap and relocate nuisance wildlife.

New Jersey Fish and Game laws require specific circumstances before wildlife can be disturbed. Also due to the current rabies epidemic, state wildlife regulations prohibit the release of wildlife anywhere other than the location where it was trapped. Those animals already established drive off animals released into an already overpopulated area. Newly introduced animals generally die from exposure or are struck by motor vehicles as they move from one area to another looking for a home. It is for these reasons unless they are living in your fireplace, attic or are doing extensive damage to your property, wildlife should be left alone. A local exterminator or wildlife removal operator can remove problem wildlife. Check with the company that provides your home’s pest control services.

Check to see if the animal has a tag. If an ID tag is present, call the owner directly. If not, call the Public Works Department at 732-329-4000 x7260 during regular hours and report the tag number if known, and a description of the animal. The Animal Control Officer will be dispatched. If this is not during normal business hours, call the police.

If the dead or injured animal is on public property, the Animal Control Officer will respond, please contact the Public Works Department at 732-329-4000 x7260.

Public Works

Raymond T. Olsen
540 Ridge Road
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
732-329-4000 x7260

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