Don Bloom, Oil Painting to Caricature

At age 23, Don Bloom was awarded a full scholarship by the Instituo Auende, Mexico, and was selected as one of the 5 “Artists of the Year” in New Jersey by the Newark News. A WPA artist, Bloom will show examples of his work from various periods, in different media, and encompassing various art forms, including illustration, cartooning and caricature. Bloom will demonstrate his interest in caricature by selecting members of the audience and creating full-color caricatures. He estimates he has drawn more than 10,000 heads. Bloom is among the exhibitors in Zooanalia, the current exhibit at The Gallery. For more information, visit

Don Bloom, Roosters and Still Life

Roosters by Don Bloom“When in Mexico attending art college on a scholarship in the 50s, I sketched and photographed barnyard roosters.
The subject so fascinated me that I based my Master’s Thesis on it.”