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The exhibiting artists present work in a range of styles that use traditional materials and classical and contemporary techniques, offering an array of sites and ideas for the viewer to contemplate. Some are fanciful and wondrous, Carole Grand (Time and Eternity) and some are charged with sentimental thoughts Vimala Arunachalam (The Mill) and Norma Jean DeVico (Bowman Tower by Thompson Neely House). Barbara Hochberg (Mill Hill) and Pablo Riestra (Alexander Hall) jog our “historical” memories and Marla N. Powers (Reaching for the Sun) imagines the future. Bill Hoo (End of the Wetlands) asks us to contemplate the effect of the past and present on the future.

Four of the artists present figurative pieces. William Powers (War Path) shares the Native American tradition of ledger drawings and Nancy Scott (Characters in Search of A Playwright) references our theatrical history. Linda M. Nestor (Day Dreaming) and Ranna Chaudry (Apathetic Assembly) remind us that the everyday, quiet moments are also about place.

Some artists create their images of place with collage. The cutting and piecing of paper, photographs and other media enables the artist to literally construct the place they imagine while Stephanie Barbetti (A Visitor’s Entrance) uses geometric abstract paintings to construct her places. Ahuva Arie (Guarding the City), Wendy Heister (Autumn in Ojai) and Kathleen Liao (My Italy) present far away, yet familiar, locations for us to consider.

While cultural traditions, specific vistas and buildings and personal imaginings moor our individual spaces, we share and acknowledge our visions and responses, celebrating community.

–Yvonne Skaggs, juror

Ahuva Arie, West Windsor
Vimala Arunachalam, Plainsboro
Stephanie Barbetti, Kendall Park
Ranna Chaudry, Monmouth Junction
Norma Jean DeVico, Titusville
Carole Grand, East Brunswick
Wendy Heisler, Monmouth Junction
Barbara Hochberg, Monmouth Junction
Bill Hoo, Plainsboro
Kathleen Liao, Princeton Junction
Linda M. Nestor, Dayton
Marla K. Powers, Kendall Park
William Powers, Kendall Park
Pablo Riestra, Plainsboro
Nancy Scott, Lawrenceville

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