Water Division


Beginning on or about April 10, 2023, the South Brunswick Water Division will be flushing water mains between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. The flushing program will be finished in approximately six (6) weeks. Flushing will begin in the vicinity of Dayton, and then proceed towards Davidson’s Mill Road towards Monmouth Junction and Route 1. After crossing Route 1 the flushing will go from Kingston through Kendall Park to Brunswick Acres. The high service area consisting of Wood Gate, High Gate and Princeton Manor will be last. We will not be flushing in the portion of Kingston that is served by New Jersey American Water Company

We recommend that water use be kept to a minimum between the stated hours since the water may be discolored. Any discoloration caused by the flushing operation will be of short duration and will not affect the quality or safety of the water.

For information, please, call the Water Division at 732-329-4000,  x7270 or x7256.

Brian Fusco, Water Department Supervisor
This division handles all of the water operations in South Brunswick.
If you have technical problems with your water service, such as water quality, leakage, or main breaks, this is the division you need to contact. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions Page to see if you can find the answers to your questions online.
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