Dog Park Rules And Regulations

Rocky Top Dog Park Rules and Regulations

Those using the Rocky Top Dog Park should follow the rules and regulations below to keep themselves, their pet and other’s safe at the park. These Rules and regulations are derived from the South BrunswickTownship Dog Park Ordinance Section 82-89 and policies developed for the management of the facility. Thank you!

Dog behavior/supervision


  1. Dogs must be supervised at all times by an owner 18 years or older.
  2. Owners are responsible for their dog’s behavior and any injuries which their dog(s) may cause to other dogs or persons.
  3. Instances where a dog bites any person must be reported to the Health Dept. at 732-329-4000, X. 7237 or South Brunswick Police 911.

Requirements of Owners/Handlers

  1. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times by all persons who use the dog park.
  2. Children must be closely supervised by an adult at all times.
  3. Users must abide by all directions, orders and commands of any Township official or officer.
  4. Glass bottles, food and beverage containers are not permitted in gated areas.
  5. Smoking, controlled substances, consuming alcohol except by permit, profanity, recklessness, disruptive behavior, trespassing, and vandalism are prohibited and may be punishable by law and/ or fine.
  6. Dog owners/handlers must clean up after dogs.
  7. Use sanitary bags provided and trash receptacles for animal waste; use recycling receptacles. Please keep your dog park clean!
  8. It is not permitted for a member to allow a non-member access to the dog park.
  9. Emergencies, injuries, accidents, vandalism, should be reported to South Brunswick Police Department at 911; (vandalism reports also to
  10. Unsafe conditions or damages should be reported to the Township at 732-329-4000, x7671 or 7260 or email at
  11. South Brunswick Township is not responsible for any lost or stolen items while at the dog park.

Requirements for Dogs


  1. Dogs must wear a collar with a current license from their town at all times while at the Dog Park. No choke or prong collars inside off leash areas.
  2. All inoculations must be up to date including proof of current rabies and distemper combo (DHLPP).
  3. Dogs must be 6 months old.
  4. Males must be neutered.
  5. Females in heat are not permitted.
  6. Dogs must be leashed when in unfenced areas.
  7. Dogs displaying aggressive behavior must be removed by their handler from the park immediately.
  8. Dogs that do not get along: the second dog to arrive must go to a different fenced area of the park.
  9. Any dog that bites any person will not be permitted at the dog park.
  10. Any food containers, play items, etc, brought to the park must be removed from the park.
  11. Dogs must not be fed or given treats at the park.

Penalties for Violations Section 82-89
For violations of the Rocky Top Dog Park Ordinance, owners and/or adult’s supervising the dog shall be subject to one or more of the following penalties:


Issuance of a violation warning notice
Issuance of a municipal court summons.
Municipal penalties not to exceed a fine of $1,000 and no use of the dog park.
No use of the dog park.
Any and all other penalties and/or fines as may


It is against Township Policy and in violation of the ordinance governing the Dog Park to allow a non paying individual to access the dog park. You can be fined or lose your rights to the dog park if you do so. Thank you!

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