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PARKS & TRAILS (Developed)

Listed below are South Brunswick Township Parks

(Click here for County and State parks listings)

Bedford Park (Township)

  • Approx Acerage: 2.4
  • Neighborhood Park
  • Amenities Available:
    • Baseball field
    • Open field area
    • Playground
  • Directions: 
    21 Bedford Rd., Kendall Park. 
    Take Sandhills Rd. to Stillwell Rd;  first right onto Bedford Rd.
  • Click for Google Map Directions

Beech Woods Park (Township)  - (Click here for a video)

  • Approx Acerage: 86.3
  • Regional Park
  • Amenities Available:
    • Walking / bike/ running path
    • Nature trail
    • Woods
    • Open field area
    • Picnic Pavilion  (permit required for picnics; contact the Recreation Office)
    • Playground
    • Port-A-Johns, (May-October ONLY)
  • Click for Google Map Directions


College Park (Township)

  • Approx Acerage: 4.75
  • Neighborhood Park
  • Amenities Available:
    • Walking / Bike path
    • Open field area
    • Playground
    • Softball fields
  • Click here for Google Maps


Dayton Square (Township)

  • Approx Acerage: .5
  • Neighborhood Park
  • Amenities Available:
    • Basketball Court
    • Playground

Dobin Park (Township)

  • Approx Acerage: 45.34
  • Neighborhood Park
  • Amenities Available:
    • 2 ballfields
    • playground
    • tennis courts
    • basketball court
    • treed areas
    • open field
  • Click here for Google Maps


Freedom Trail System, Biking and Walking Path (Township)

  • Description: The Freedom Trail Bikeway is an ongoing open space and park development project for which the goal is to link parks and open space areas throughout the Township ultimately creating a bikeway system. The following links have been completed:



Harvest Woods Park (Township)

  • Map Location: #37
  • Approx Acerage: 77.36
  • Regional Park Complex
  • Amenities Available:
    • Artificial Turf fields
    • Restrooms (May-October ONLY)
    • Soccer fields
    • Picnic Area (permit not available for picnics)
    • Open field area
    • Woods
  • Click for Mapquest Directions: (not exact)
    238-298 Culver Rd.  Dayton
    From Dayton:
    • From Rt. 130 south to Georges Rd.
      At 5 Corners intersection (by WaWa), take Culver Road about ½ mile past the railroad tracks on the right.
    • From Rt. 1: Take New Rd. East; Left on Friendship Rd; Left on Culver Rd. to Harvest Woods Park on Left side.

Haven Pond Park (Township)

  • Map Location: #6
  • Approx Acerage: 12.8
  • Neighborhood Park
  • Amenities Available:
    • Open field
    • Playground
    • Pond-stream
    • Trails
  • Directions:
    •  2 Stafford Rd. Monmouth Junction.
      Click for Mapquest directions
    • Take Ridge Rd. to Welcome Farms Rd. The park is located is along Welcome Farms Rd and Norton Rd  and the Stafford Rd. cul de sac.

Heathcote Park (Township) 

  • Map Location: #7
  • Approx Acerage: 19
  • Regional Park
  • Amenities Available:
    • Playground Open fields
    • Ballfield Tennis
    • Basketball Walking /biking paths 
    •  Stream
  • Click for Mapquest Directions:
  • Addresses: (2 entrances)
    • Entrance 1: 99 Jefferson Ct. Princeton, 
       Click for Mapquest directions:  
      2nd left onto Taylor, left onto Jefferson. Park at cul de sac and walk in.
    • Entrance 2:99 Monroe Ct. Princeton. 
      Click for Mapquest directions
      Make 4th left onto Cleveland, 2nd left onto Monroe, park at end. (Tennis Court entrance).

Ireland Brook Park (Township)

  • Map Location: #8
  • Approx Acerage: 8.2
  • Neighborhood Park
  • Amenities Available:
    • Ballfield
    • Playground
    • Tennis Courts
    • 1/2 court basketball
  • Directions:
    • Address: 3 Parkview Ct. North Brunswick. 
      Click for Mapquest directions
    • Ireland Brook Development.
      • Take Rt. 130 to Davidsons Mill Rd.
      • Make a right onto Ireland Brook Dr., follow to Parkview Ct.

Kingsley Park (Township)

  • Map Location: #10
  • Approx Acerage: 7
  • Neighborhood Park
  • Amenities Available:
    • Ballfield 
    • Basketball Playground
    • Open field Stream
  • Directions:

Reichler Park (Township) - Click here to see a video

  • Map Location: #11
  • Approx Acerage: 76.4
  • Major Park Complex
  • Amenities Available:
    • Softball fields (S.B. leagues have first preference. For picnics, the fields can not be reserved)
    •  Playground
    •  Open field area
    •  Basketball Court
    •  Skatepark
    •  Restrooms (May-October ONLY)
    •  Recycling Center
    •  Picnic Pavilions (permit required, call Recreation Office)
    •  Kitchen (permit required, call Recreation Office)
  • Click for Google Directions
    • 540 Ridge Road. Monmouth Junction.
    • Located behind the Municipal Building/Police Headquarters at the junction of Rt. 522 and Kingston Lane.

Rocky Top Dog Park (Township) - Click here to see a video

  • Please go to the Rocky Top Dog Park section of this Township web site for additional information, policies, and owner and dog's requirements.
  • This is a fee-based, specialized facility.
  • Amenities Available:
    • Three 7' fenced areas for small, medium and large dogs, lighted.
    • Shaded and grass areas
    • Drinking water for dogs
    • Port-a -john
    • Pavilion
    • Walking paths
    • Parking
  • Rocky Top Dog Park location:
    • 4106 Route 27 (Lincoln Highway)
      Princeton, NJ 08540
      ; Located at Milemarker 5 on the northbound side of  Rt 27.
    • GPS coordinates: 40.390673,-74.592737
      • The nearest crossroads are the lights at the intersections of Promenade Boulevard Blvd (Rt. 522)  and Rt 27 and the light at the intersection of Old Rd. and Rt 27.
      • Travelling  South from Kendall Park: 2 miles south of 518 and Rt 27 intersection on the left hand side of the highway.

Rowland Park (Township)

  • Map Location: # 39
  • Approx Acerage: 79.5
  • Major Park Complex
  • Amenities Available:
    • 5 lighted Baseball, some artificial turf fields
    • 1 lighted Softball 
    • Lighted Stadium /Multipurpose; artificial turf
    • Lighted Practice football/ soccer
    • Playscape
    • Concession 
    • Restrooms
    • Pavilion 
      (for concession use only; picnic permits not available. Special permits for Township school groups weekdays may be available by special permission only)
  • Click for Google Map Directions:
    • 235-255 Broadway Rd; corner of Rowland Rd, Cranbury  
    • Major park complex with lighted baseball fields, softball field, multipurpose fields, concession and restrooms.
      • NJ Parkway to NJ Turnpike. 
      • NJ Turnpike:  Exit 8A
        Take Rt. 32 toward South Brunswick. Keep Left at split. 
        Make a left onto Route 130 S.
      • From Rt. 130 N/S: Turn onto Broadway Rd., Turn left into park 2.5 miles.
      • From Route 1 N/S: 
        Turn EAST on NEW RD.
        Take to the stop sign at Ridge Rd. Make a right onto Ridge Rd. Quickly follow from next directions below (From Monmouth Junction)
      • From Monmouth Junction: 
        Take Ridge Rd. Turn at Karate Center onto New Road. Go past Sondek Park to end.
        Turn Right onto Friendship Rd. It curves.
        Turn Left onto Broadway Road. 
        Park entrance is on the right just past Rowland Rd.
      • From Dayton, 5 Corners: (near the WaWa). 
        Take Culver Rd. to the end.
        Turn Right onto Friendship Rd. It curves.
        Turn Left onto Broadway Road. 
        Park entrance is on the right just past Rowland Rd.

Scenic Park (Township)

  • Map Location: #33
  • Approx Acerage: 35.3
  • Regional Park
  • Amenities Available:
    • Basketball Courts
    • Playground
    • Soccer/Multipurpose fields
    • Tennis
    • Paved walking/bike path
  • Directions:
  • Mapquest directions and map
    35 Scenic Dr., Monmouth Junction.
    • 522 east: Turn left at traffic light onto Scenic Drive (before Rt. 130).

Sondek Park(Township)

  • Map Location: #12
  • Approx Acerage: 110.7
  • Major park complex.
  • Amenities Available:
    • Baseball fields, lit and unlit
    • Playgrounds
    • Softball fields, lit and unlit
    • Paved Walking / Bike path
    • Soccer fields, lit and unlit
    • Nature trails
    • Open field area
    • Woods
    • Restrooms
    • Brush recycling area
    • Concession
    • Picnic Pavilion / tables for concession use only; picnic permits not available. 
      Barbeque grills
  • Click for Mapquest Directions:
  • 493 New Road, Monmouth Junction
    • From Route 1: Take Rt. 1 to New Rd.  Follow New Rd. east toward Monmouth Junction; go thru 1 light to stop sign. Right on Ridge, then first left onto New Rd. (east).  Go over bridge; follow to Sondek Park on right. 
    • From Dayton: At 5 Corners intersection, take Culver Road to the end. Make a right onto Friendship Rd. First right onto New Rd. Sondek Park is on the left about 1/2 mile.
  • Field locations:  
    • A: Left side, 3rd field with fence 
      B: Left side; 2nd field, no fence 
      C: Left side; first field  
      D: Right side; first field, softball.
  • Soccer fields:
    • Permanent fields are on right side. 
      Field 1 is lighted. 
      Fall: additional temporary fields are laid out for fall soccer programs

Summerfield Park (Township)

  • Map Location: #13
  • Approx Acerage: 3.21
  • Neighborhood Park.
  • Amenities Available:
    • Playground
    • Softball field
    • Basketball court
  • Directions:
    • Corner of Summerfield Blvd. & Larkspur Ct., Dayton
      Take Georges Rd. Rt. 522 and Ridge Rd, turn onto Summerfield Blvd. Make the 1st right onto Larkspur. The Ballfield is the first driveway on right.
    • Click for Mapquest directions

Tall Timbers Park (Township)

  • Map Location: #14
  • Approx Acerage: 23.23
  • Regional Park
  • Amenities Available:
    • Lighted Open field area
    • Cricket fields
    • Restrooms (May-October ONLY)
    • Unpaved Walking/ Biking path
    • Woods
  • Directions:
  • 178 Culver Rd. Dayton. No mapquest available.
    • From Dayton:
    • At 5 Corners intersection (by WaWa), take Culver Road about ½ mile past the railroad tracks on the right.
    •  From Rt. 130 south to Georges Rd. (at Amoco).
    • From Rt. 1: Take New Rd. East; 
      Left on Friendship Rd; 
      Left on Culver Rd. to Tall Timbers on Left side.

Veterans Park (Township)

  • Map Location: # 15
  • Approx Acerage: 15
  • Regional park complex
  • Amenities Available:
    • Basketball Courts
    • Playground
    • Sensory Gardens
    • Pavilion (no picnic permits available at this park)
    • Restrooms (May-October ONLY)
    • Paved walking/ biking path
    • Street hockey court
    • Open field area
    • Exercise stations 
  • Click for Mapquest Directions:
    • 65 Beekman Rd, Monmouth Junction.
    • Take Beekman Rd. The Park is located between Lori and Dickinson.

Wetherill Historic Site (Township) CLOSED FOR IMPROVEMENTS

  • Map Location: # 16
  • Approx Acerage: 3.55
  • Neighborhood Park; Special uses by permit only.
  • Amenities Available:
    • Historic House
      • 4 small  rooms
      • Set up - (non cooking) kitchen
      • Restroom
    • Open field area
    • Small garden
    • Available for Rental for small groups, weddings,parties, etc.
  • Click for Mapquest Directions:
    • 269 Georges Rd., Dayton.
    • At 5 Corners intersection of Georges Rd. and 522, turn south on Georges Rd. The Wetherill Driveway is about 1/2 mile past the light at WaWa, just over the railroad tracks on the right side.

Woodlot Park (Township)

  • Map Location: #17
  • Approx Acerage: 152.47
  • Major Park Complex
    Located at 
    124 New Road, Monmouth Junction
    Outdoor Amenities Available:
    • Summer Concerts and Family Events are held here
    • Barbeque grills - picnic permits required for grove
    • Bike / Walking path
    • Basketball Courts
    • Nature trails/area
    • Open field area
    • Picnic Pavilion / Grove (permit required, call the Recreation Office)
    • Playground
    • Pond (retention)
    • Port-A-Johns (May-October)
    • Softball fields & lighted
    • Tennis Courts
    • Sand Volleyball court
    • Field locations:
      • Fields 1-3 are lighted with Field 1 nearest to the Community Center at the entrance to the park. 
  • Community Center and Recreation offices are located at Woodlot Park.
  • Indoor Amenities Include:
    • Gym (indoor) gym not available for rental.
    • Multipurpose Room, 30'X 30'
    • Kitchen
    • Meeting Room
    • Art Room
    • Classroom
  • Click for Mapquest Directions.
    • From Rt. 1: Take the New Rd. turnoff; (Red Roof Inn and Exxon on corners). Park is ½ mile from Rt. 1 on the right side.
    • From Rt. 27: Turn onto New Rd. (Exxon on corner). When you pass the first aid and fire stations (on right), the park entrance is about ¼ mile on the left.
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